Bex Oliger will show students how, using the simple and magical Continuous Strand Weaving Method, where the loom dresses itself while the weaving progresses, to weave shawls, blankets, throw rugs and many other projects may be woven on several different shapes of frame looms.  Allow 12 to 15 hours throughout the week to finish a large project.  Classes start Monday morning, early.  Large loom rental ($20) can be applied toward the purchase of a loom.  Approximately 550 yards of bulky-weight or 1100 yards of worsted-weight yarn is needed for a large shawl with fringe.  400 yards of rug wool is needed for a throw rug, or 800 yards of bulky yarn is need for a  blanket.  Appropriate yarns are available from the instructor.  ($45-$95 for shawl, $60 for rug, $65-$75 for blanket,  No weaving experience need.  Age 13+.

Cost  $25 Fee / $45-$95 yarn.