Guiding Star Card

If you can put a needle through fabric, you’ll find this an easy and fun class.  You will be required to complete the first project with Toni Soetaert to get you familiar with the basics.  Then you can choose from Toni’s original designs or over 300 patterns she has collected.  You can customize card patterns with 7 different text fonts or design your own card.  Class will be in the afternoons from 2 pm to dinner.  Class will include 2 cards for $6.00 if Toni provides the Big Eye Beading needle, or $5.oo if you bring your all needles.  These needles can be found in the beading section of any hobby supply store.  You can make additional projects such as another card, bookmarks, gift tags (set of 3), etc.  at an additional charge of $2.50 per project.  Please feel free to call Toni at (978) 881-8951 if you have any questions.

Afternoons 2-5pm.  Cost $5+.