Floorcloths, also know as painted canvas oil cloths, and floor canvases are part of our American history.  Methods of stenciling were similar to those used on walls.  Students of Rhoda Parker will have the opportunity to create this iconic piece of Americana with a patriotic theme.  Materials provided include a 3×5 linoleum mat, paint, stencils, material for the edges and polyurethane.  Students need to bring an exacto knife and two paint brushes (3-4 inch). Time outside of class will be scheduled with the teacher for finishing the project.  Paint your mat on Monday afternoon. A second coat will be applied on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, from 8-12, we will stencil.  Thursday we will add a coat of polyurethane.  Age 16+.

Mon., Tue. 1-2 pm; Wed. 8-12; Thu.  Cost $30.