Use This List as a Reference When Choosing Your Classes

Babysitting is available mornings for ages 0 - 4.  Babysitting is offered offsite at the Shannondale Community Church, about 2 miles away.  Transportation is provided to and from the site.

Daily.  Cost $40 for the week.

Students of Barbara Johnson will learn how to place basting lace tape onto a design secured in an embroidery hoop, as the basis for creating a delicate Battenburg Lace sampler using 8 stitches. All materials provided – bring scissors. Students can begin basting Monday or Tuesday morning, then check back in throughout the week for instruction on completing the filler stitches. Outside time needed. Age 12+.

Cost $20.

Julie Loyet will teach Beginning Crochet.  Come and learn the basics of crochet.  We can advance as far as your time and ability allow!  All supplies provided.

Monday at 8 or 10.  Cost $10.

Julie Loyet will teach the basics of knit, purl, increase, decrease, far as you wish to go!  We start aty the beginning and as far as time and your enthusiasm allow!

Monday 8-10 or 10-12.  Cost $10.

Don Birdsall will work one-on-one with students interested in learning the fundamentals of blacksmithing.  Students can decide on one of several items to make.  Samples will be available to see.  We will be using propane forges, but a coal forge will be available for people wishing to learn on that.  Students MUST wear cotton jeans and shirts (no frayed clothing) and close-toed shoes (no sandals).  Eye protection must be worn while in the blacksmith area.  Bring safety glasses or use provided safety googles.  Afternoon scheduling (as needed) is possible for finishing.  Materials included.

Daily 8-12.  Cost $10 per hour.

Make lace like they did in the time of Elizabeth the First.  It's not too hard!  In fact, you only need to be able to count to 4 to learn to lace.  This is a student project-driven class.  The first project, a 3-colored book mark, is required.  After completing that project, you will be able to pick another project within your skill set.  The first project should take about 3 hrs.  Make bookmarks, doilies, wings for crystal angels, and more.  A parent/child class is also available.  The child must be at least 10 and the parent must also be enrolled as they will be assisting in the teaching.  Class instruction will be with Toni Soetaert during the morning.  However, you will be able to work on your project at any time.  Class size is limited to 10 new students.  All materials provided.  Students are encouraged to bring a pillow to provide back support.  Please indicate the age of the child or if you are a new student when signing up for this class.  Contact me at 978-881-8951 if you have any questions.

Cost $15 Child / $25 Adult ($20 if you use own equipment).

Taught by Bonnie Black, students will learn one of the most primitive bookbinding methods.  Coptic binding is characterized by having sections of book pages being joined together via a single stitch.  Coptic binding has many modifications.  The simplest form of Coptic binding is where the pages are held together by a neat stitch, without covering the spine.

Tuesday 8-12.  Cost $20.

Cathy Wyatt will teach students to make their choice of several brooms. All materials are provided.  Please specify which class you want to take.  Some afternoon classes may be provided.  Check with me on Tuesday, after class.  Age 13+.
  • Monday 8-12 –  Cobwebbers ($10)
  • Tuesday or Wednesday 8-12 --  Flat or round broom ($15)
  • Thursday 18- 12 –  Turkey wing broom ($10)
  • Friday 8-12 --  Whisk broom ($10)
Priscilla Pietz will teach you how to dip your very own candles, just as our pioneering ancestors did, to light your own historic home. Classes are 1+ hrs.  Age 14+.

Daily.  Cost $7.

Learn the basics from Ann Anderson for making a Cathedral Window quilt.  All materials will be provided.

Tuesday 8-10.  Cost $10.

Diana Clarke will teach the traditional 7-step caning pattern on a small stool, or bring your own chair. If you bring a chair, you must call Diana (660-338-2576) at least one month in advance so materials are available. 5-10 hrs. Age 14+.

Cost $40.

Morning classes for age 5 to 8 will be offered by Monica Strawn and will feature a variety of crafts and activities.  Activities are geared for this age group and encourage the children to explore, discover and create.  Materials cost is $35 for the week, to be paid in advance with workshop fees.  Please remember that is REQUIRED that ALL children of these ages attend these classes; however, class size is limited to 20 students.  This class is held at the Shannondale Community Church, just 2 miles down the road, and transportation is provided.

Daily.  Cost $35 for the week.

Morning classes for age 9 to 12 will be offered by Sharon Boyd-Struthers and will feature a variety of crafts and activities.  Activities are geared for this age group and encourage the children to explore, discover and create.  Materials cost is $35 for the week, to be paid in advance with workshop fees.  Please remember that is REQUIRED that ALL children of these ages attend these classes; however, class size is limited to 20 students.

Daily.  Cost $35 for the week.

Nita Pace will teach you how to use fabric strips and rope to make a coiled rag basket. Great way to use small yardages or repurpose clothing. The initial class will be 1½ -2 hrs. Outside time will be needed. NO sewing involved!  All materials furnished. Ages 13+.

Daily.  Cost $20.

Ann Anderson will teach students how to assemble a Crazy Quilt Block.  All materials will be provided.  Embellishment will be taught by Rhoda Parker (See the Crazy Quilt Embellishment class description).

Monday 8-10.  Cost $7.50

Make a Crazy Quilt Block with Ann Anderson and then learn the stitching with Rhoda Parker in the Embroidery class.  If you just want to learn the crazy quilt stitches, a cheater square will be provided.  You will need to bring a 6” or smaller embroidery hoop and scissors.  All other supplies provided.

Daily.  Cost $5.

Julie Loyet will show you how to make theses great dryer balls.  No coming apart in the dryer with these!  Students must be able to do a basic single crochet prior to class.  All supplies provided.

Wednesday at 8 or 10.  Cost $5.

Learn to knit a double-thick, reversible scarf with Ann Anderson.  You will need to bring one skein each of two contrasting colors, needles appropriate to the yarn, and stitch markers.  The yarn should be a smooth worsted weight.  Pattern will be provided.

Thursday 8-10.  Cost $5.

Nancy Amburgey will teach a technique to create a dream catcher on a gourd.  All needed materials will be provided.  The amount of time is dependent upon the selected project.  Class time is 2 hours.  Cost will depend upon the project selected.

Friday 8 or 10.  Cost $15-$25.

Michael Pace will offer mountain dulcimer classes for beginner or intermediate students.  Beginners will cover the basics: tuning, strumming & fretting, and reading dulcimer tablature.  Intermediate classes will cover chords and repertoire. Students will learn several elementary tunes and 2 or more well-known traditional tunes, as time and skills permit.  If you already have a dulcimer, please bring it. However, extra dulcimers will be available.  A recording device can be helpful.  Classes consist of two 1.5-hour sessions.  Figure each session on a different day, as the second builds on the first.  Ages 12+.

Daily 8 or 10.  Cost $15.

Rhoda Parker will provide instruction in the basics of embroidery.  Learn basic stitches of embroidery (chain stitch, back stitch, outline stitch, lazy daisy, etc.) on a primitive sampler.  You will need 2 hours of class time plus some outside time to finish. You will need to bring a 6" or smaller embroidery hoop and scissors.  All other supplies provided.  (See Crazy Quilt Embellishment for more embroidery opportunities.)

Cost $15.

Felted Bowls
Learn the fundamentals of wet felting with Jenny Johnson.  Students will create a unique and vibrantly-colored small felt bowl using all wool fibers and embellishments applied over a flexible resist.  All supplies and materials provided.

Tuesday or Thursday 8-12.  Cost $15.

Jenny Johnson will show students how to wrap a flexible resist with merino wool and add surface texture with embellishments to create a unique and beautiful pair of fingerless gloves or mittens.  Using water, soap and agitation, students will fuse and shrink the wool to create a seamless accessory that is perfectly fitted to their hands!  No previous felting experience required.  All materials provided.

Monday, Wednesday, or Friday 8-12.  Cost $15.

FINGER WEAVING: Streak of Lightning
In this Finger Weaving class with Ann Anderson, students will learn to finger weave this classic, two-color  pattern.  All materials will be provided.

Tuesday 10-12.  Cost $15.

Finger Weaving Necklace
Mignon Hatton will guide students through the process of creating an unusual necklace using t-shirt material and your fingers.  Finishing will include large beads and fastening methods.  Age 14+.

Friday 8-10.  Cost $8.

Ingenuity, combined with utilizing scarce resources, were the catalyst for the folk art of our ancestors.  Following in that tradition, create your very own primitive doll using bottle caps, fabric, and embellishments of your choosing in this fun class with Priscilla Pietz.  Bring scissors and a small hammer.

Daily 8-12.  Cost $20.

Free Form Basket Display
With expert instruction from Eric Peterson, Barbara Sakowicz, and John Tankersley, you will create a basket using various materials harvested in nature.  You will have the option to work with Hickory, Cedar, Willow and various Reed materials.   This is a class where you can create unusual, one- of-a-kind, unique baskets.  The first session will be a two-hour session to get the student started and then the student will work at their own pace with instructor supervision.  Bring scissors and/or clippers.  Fee for class is based on materials used and the size of the finished basket.

Daily.  Cost $30 to $75. 

Enhancements will be made to make gourd bowls or other objects with guidance by Nancy Amburgey. Possible techniques can be coiling with seagrass, adding beads, or weaving. Gourds, needle, thread, seagrass, or other materials will be supplied. Please bring any special embellishments that may be wanted, such as deer antler, driftwood, or special beads. Class is  2+ hrs, with some outside time needed.  The amount of time needed will be dependent upon the complexity of the project selected. Cost depends upon the selected project.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8-12.  Cost $20-40.

Starting with a hickory log, students of Cindy Dooley will learn how to pound the bark, slip it off,  saw off a section of the interior & pound it back into the base of the bark to create an unusual small bucket or vase Age 14+. Cost $5.
Learn about the magic of indigo with Joyce Sammons.  Bring a t-shirt or other fabric or some yarn to dye and watch the indigo magic as the yarn and fabrics turn from yellow green to a beautiful blue.  Instruction on how to prepare the indigo pot will start at 11 on Tuesday and the actual dyeing will start at 4 pm and then throughout the week.  Ages 10+.

Tuesday 11 am and 4 pm.  Cost $8.

With Bex Oliger, learn to weave long, narrow pieces such as belts, straps, hat bands, or ribbons on an inkle loom.  Pattern designing is in the warp as the colored strands are put on the loom.   $10 of class fee may be applied toward the purchase of a lap inkle loom.  Advanced classes available if you've already taken this class before.  Age 13+.

Tuesday, 8-12.  Cost $20 class fee / $15-$25 yarn.

Students of Tracey Zinck will learn how to safely preserve foods through the ancient art of fermentation by making their own sauerkraut, pickles, or other fermented vegetables,  as well as discuss the health benefits of including these fermented foods in their daily diets.  Students will have the choice of either taking home active ferments or just the equipment necessary to ferment their own.  Equipment, recipes, and fermented food samples (for tasting) will be provided.  Tracey has been fermenting foods for 10 years and has over 20 years of experience as a chef.

Tues. or Thur. 8-10 am or 1-3 pm.  Cost $40.

Knotless Rock Necklace

Bonnie Black will instruct students in the interesting technique of knotless netting.  This is the process used to produce the familiar "dream catchers."  By working this simple netting in a circle, a very interesting spiral web pattern is created.  Students will use rocks from the Shannondale area to create their one-of-a-kind necklace.  Age 15+.

Friday 8-10.  Cost $10.

Lavender Wand
Weave 13 lavender blossom stems into a historical and aromatic, moth-repelling wand with Phanie Stuckey. Plan on 1-2 hrs – scissors helpful.  Age 16+.

Monday or Tuesday AM.  Cost $6.  

Mignon Hatton with show you how to create a leather armband with your name stamped or a leather coaster.  Class time one hour or more.  Times flexible.  See instructor.

Cost $4.

Joyce Sammons with show students how to rett, break, scutch and heckle flax to prepare fiber for spinning to create linen.  Allow 2 to 4 hours to work with the flax.

Monday and Wednesday AM.  Cost $10.

Locker Hooking
Learn this easy rug hooking technique with Ann Anderson.  Locker Hooking is a rug-making technique that draws loops up through a mesh and locks them in place with a string.  Make a set of "mug rugs."  All materials will be provided.

Thursday 10-12.  Cost $7.50.

Ever imagine creating colorfully-patterned macramé bracelets, even ones with your name on them?  This very portable craft can go anywhere with you.  After learning some basics with Linda Pietz, you will be creating your own personalized, patterned bracelets.  Includes special macramé board, embroidery floss, and graph paper.  Bring scissors.

Daily, 8-12.  Cost $16.

Mordiford Wheat Weaving
Phanie Stuckey will teach a basic “Mordiford Corn Dolly” wheat weaving in this class. Class will take 1 to 2 hours to complete a 12-strand wall hanging.  Bring scissors.

Thursday or Friday 8-12.  Cost $8.

Join Holden Snyder in this cooperage class demonstrating the use of traditional hand tools to craft a white oak log into a handsome bucket. Students will become familiar with the use of a froe, drawknife, plane, and shaving horse in the same manner in which traditional, area craftsmen used them. This is a somewhat labor-intensive and time-consuming class, requiring 3-4 days of work, but the result is very satisfying. Come take part in a project that is one of the original classes at CNCW!  Limit of three students.

Cost $25.

A look at clocks that would have been in rural homes between 1880 and the 1930s, with examples.  Taught by Phil Jones, students will learn how old clocks work, how to care for, set, move, and enjoy them.  Bring pictures of old family clocks, or the actual clock.  Will include identification, minor servicing and adjusting.  Age 12+.  Class includes a free clock oiler.

Wednesday AM.  Cost $5.

Susan Clauss will teach and lead a group of 6 or more students (ages 9+) as they prepare shaped note music from Missouri Harmony, The Sacred Harp, or other sources for CNCW’s highly acclaimed Talent Show. For a nominal fee, students may use photocopied music. Other sessions may be scheduled to meet needs of individual students.

Mon. - Tue. - Thu. PM, Wed. AM.

Come join Traci Wright in painting beautiful Ozark native flowers using acrylic paints on recycled or reclaimed materials.  No experience is needed.  All supplies provided.  Classes are held daily and last 2-4 hrs.    Please wear clothes that you don't mind getting paint on or bring an apron.  Age 16+.

Daily 8-12.  Cost $10.

In the 1800s, the penny rug was constructed of wool to brighten a table. Kathryn Tucker  will assist students in selecting heavy felt for the backing, creating pennies and figures, and then stitching with a decorative blanket stitch. Bring scissors.  Age 14+.

Tue. 1-4 pm or Thu 8-10 or 10-12.  Cost $12.

Beginning students learn music notation and penny whistle technique with Susan Clauss, while playing Irish, English, Scottish, and American folk tunes. Intermediate students will learn Irish and English styles of playing. If you have your own whistle (Key of D), instruction book cost is $13.  Returning students, please bring whistle and book.  Additional music cost is $1-$2.  Private lessons for students ages 10 through adult.  No music reading experience necessary.  Students may opt to play in Thursday night Talent Show.  Notify Susan if you need a penny whistle or instruction book.  Cost includes a D penny whistle and instruction book.

Cost $22 / $13 book only.

Rhoda Parker will show you how to embellish a pin loom square!  Learn to weave your square with Ann Anderson and then come to the embroidery area to embellish it.  You can also bring a pre-woven square to learn the embellishments.  See Rhoda to schedule a time. Cost $5.
Bring your own ZOOM LOOM, WEAVE-IT, WEAVETTE, WONDERWAG, or any other brand of pin loom that has the 3-pin set configuration and be sure to have your weaving needle!  Instructor Ann Anderson will show you how to warp and then do a plain weave.  Yarn will be provided.  Rhoda Parker will offer a Pin Loom Embellishment class where you can learn to embellish your pin loom squares in a variety of ways.

Monday 10-12.  Cost $5.

Learn to knit with a traditional knitting pin, like the Portuguese do with Julie Loyet.  The pin is used as a tensioning device. Students must know the basics of knitting prior to this class.  Bring yarn and needles of your choice.  Knitting pin and instructions provided.

 Thursday 8 or 10.  Cost $10.

Wool is fire-retardant & more insulating than cotton – perfect around the campfire. Bex Oliger will teach you hold to weave a wool potholder.  Class fee includes use of metal potholder frame, a locker hook, plus enough Nature-dyed WOOL potholder loops for 1 potholder and helpful hints for weaving.  Square woven pieces may be assembled for pouches, floor mats, and more. Kits are available for $24.50.  Potholder/Trivet Weaving:  same as regular potholder weaving, except using the larger PRO metal looms & extra large PRO Nature-dyed PRO WOOL loops.  Class fee includes PRO metal loom, locker hook, and enough PRO WOOL loops for 1 potholder/trivet. No experience needed.  Age 6+.  Schedule time with instructor.

Cost $10 / $15 (Trivet).

Tricia Clem will offer a class using pressed flowers to make cards, bookmarks, pictures, gift tags, etc. All materials are provided, but you may bring pictures, frames or any materials you may want to incorporate into your projects. Ages 10+.

Cost $10.

Come learn to do quilling with Toni Soetart.  Quilling is an art form that goes back to the Renaissance.  Ozarks people displayed their creativity by reviving this craft.  They used simple materials and sewing needles to make quilled items to decorate their homes.  Learn how to coil and pinch forms, use combs and husk thin strips of paper into a star or snowflake.  A variety of colors will be available.  Class size limited to 6 per 3-hour session.  Classes will be offered 1 morning and 3 afternoons during the week.

Cost $10 (2 snowflakes).

Students will work with Cindy Dooley to make rope with yarn. Choose to make a jump rope, dog rope, or horse rope. Need to bring snaps for ends. All ages.

Daily.  Cost $2.50 and up.

Using natural fiber rope, Tracey Zinck will help students make their own custom-fitted sandals using an adjustable loom designed by the instructor.  Little or no stitching is required.  Materials are provided. Class will take 1-2 hours to get started.  Students will finish on  their own (from 2-4 hours) and then return to add straps. Age 10+.

Tuesday or Thursday 10-12.  Cost $30.

Traditional, recycled wool, rug braiding will be taught by Joyce Wiley using the Ruth Ann DeRossett method. If you bring your own wool or have questions, contact Joyce (417) 766-1010 or email me at Bring scissors. Class time is 8+ hours.  Age 14+.

Daily 8-12.  Cost $5, plus wool.

Students of Diana Clarke will use seagrass or fiber rush to weave a seat and storage shelf on a small stool.  All materials provided. Class time 4 hours, then finish on your own. Age 10+.

Daily.  Cost $40-$50.

Students of Diana Clarke will use 2 colors of Shaker tape to weave a seat on a small stool (or bring your own chair). If bringing a chair, please call Dianna (660) 338-2576 at least one month in advance to assure materials and colors are available. All materials provided.  Age 10+.

Tuesday and Thursday.  Cost $45-$50.

Tom Dooley will instruct beginners in completing a ring, bracelet, earrings, or necklace in one, 2-hour session.  Students who have taken this class before will be asked to wait 2 years before registering again.  Tom will work on an individual basis and will accept 18 students. Price depends on the project and stone chosen.  Age 16+. Daily.  Cost $25 and up. 
Using the simple, magical, Continuous Strand Weaving Method, create a small project of your choice using the smaller "Washcloth Loom" or travel-size triangle, square, rectangle or MiniMod looms. Instructed by Bex Oliger, students will start anytime during the week, but must sign up Sunday or Monday to schedule your time. Allow 2 to 4 hours, depending upon project chosen. Loom rental fee ($10) can be applied toward a loom purchase. Appropriate yarns are available from instructor with final cost dependent upon project chosen). No prior weaving experience needed.

Cost $20-$60 (including yarn).

Tracy Zinck will show students how to make a basic soap at home using the Cold Process method.  Students should bring safety goggles, rubber gloves and apron to class.  All other equipment will be provided.

Monday or Wednesday 8-12.  Cost $35.

Judy Jones and Carolyn Doner will offer beginning and intermediate spinning.  Learn the basics of spinning!  We can start with the drop spindle or spinning wheel, your choice.  Beginner classes Monday through Thursday 8-10, with intermediates from 10-12.  For interested advanced students, we also offer bead spinning.  You can bring your own wheel or rent one for $5.  Fiber will be available to purchase or bring your own.  Whatever your skill level, come and join us!  Questions?  Contact Carolyn Doner at or Judy Jones at

Monday through Thursday.  Cost $5 plus yarn.

Floorcloths, also know as painted canvas oil cloths, and floor canvases are part of our American history.  Methods of stenciling were similar to those used on walls.  Students of Rhoda Parker will have the opportunity to create this iconic piece of Americana with a patriotic theme.  Materials provided include a 3x5 linoleum mat, paint, stencils, material for the edges and polyurethane.  Students need to bring an exacto knife and two paint brushes (3-4 inch). Time outside of class will be scheduled with the teacher for finishing the project.  Paint your mat on Monday afternoon. A second coat will be applied on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, from 8-12, we will stencil.  Thursday we will add a coat of polyurethane.  Age 16+.

Mon., Tue. 1-2 pm; Wed. 8-12; Thu.  Cost $30.

Learn to make belts, bracelets, brooches, bowls and more by using 2 to 6 weaving sticks.  Nita Pace will teach the techniques of this simple, portable craft.  All supplies, including yarn, fabric strips and embellishments, will be provided.  Plan on 2 hours of class time.  Some outside time may be needed to finish depending upon the project chosen.

Mon. thru Thu., 8-12.  Cost $24.

Guiding Star Card
If you can put a needle through fabric, you’ll find this an easy and fun class.  You will be required to complete the first project with Toni Soetaert to get you familiar with the basics.  Then you can choose from Toni’s original designs or over 300 patterns she has collected.  You can customize card patterns with 7 different text fonts or design your own card.  Class will be in the afternoons from 2 pm to dinner.  Class will include 2 cards for $6.00 if Toni provides the Big Eye Beading needle, or $5.oo if you bring your all needles.  These needles can be found in the beading section of any hobby supply store.  You can make additional projects such as another card, bookmarks, gift tags (set of 3), etc.  at an additional charge of $2.50 per project.  Please feel free to call Toni at (978) 881-8951 if you have any questions.

Afternoons 2-5pm.  Cost $5+.

What could be more beautiful than a lovely pine needle basket with a gorgeous polished stone in it's center?  Linda Pietz will take you through the steps to prepare the stone for starting the basket and the techniques of coiling with the pine needles.  Also covered will be the preparation of the pine needles and the finishing of your basket.  Age 14+. Cost $20.
Design your own take-along thread book with Mignon Hatton.  This fantastic book will provide a way to take your sewing thread, needles and embroidery thread with you to work on-the-go.  Age 14+.

Monday or Tuesday, 8-12.  Cost $20.

Learn the ancient skill of creating delicate and beautiful tatted lace using either a traditional shuttle or a long, blunt needle (please specify which).  Barbara Johnson will guide students through the process of mastering the double-stitch and picots that make tatting unique.  All materials provided.  Outside time will be necessary.  Age 13+.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  Cost $20.

Activities for teenagers during the afternoons will be arranged by youth coordinator Joel Ahrendt.  Planned activities may include canoeing, swimming, and tubing.  Sign-up sheets and costs will be posted daily at the Workshop.
Learn to weave Teneriffe on a Gourd.  Nancy Amburgey will show students how to create a teneriffe project, either in a pattern or free form.  Instruction will include how to warp and incorporate beads.  Some weaving experience helpful.  Please bring any special embellishments or beads that may be desired.  Some amount of time may be required outside of class, depending on the selected project.

Tuesday 8-10 or 10-12.  Cost $15-$25.

If you enjoy making toothbrush rugs, this is another fun toothbrush project taught by Amy Terrill. The purse is large enough to hold all your “stuff”. Bring 2 yards of fabric of your choice and scissors to class. Handle provided.  Age 14+.

Wednesday 8-10 or 10-12.  Cost $14.

This durable rug looks crocheted, but it isn’t!  Amy Terrill, will teach students the technique of making a small table runner or rug using a needle made from a toothbrush and strips of fabric. Bring sharp scissors and/or rotary cutter. Begin with a 2-hour class, then work at your own pace anywhere.  Age 14+.  No experience needed.

Tuesday 8-10 or 10-12.  Cost $12.

Tree of Life
Learn wire wrapping with Mignon Hatton while creating a personal Tree of Life pendant.  Use your choice of semi-precious stones for the leaves.  Age 14+. Wednesday or Thursday  8-11.  Cost $20.
Create a charming miniature old-craft Christmas tree, in Chris Thurman's class, using a pine cone, native fern moss and miniature dried flowers.  2 hours.  Age 13+.

Wednesday morning only.  Cost $8.

Students in this class, taught by Cindy Dooley, will carve kitchen utensils such as scoops and spoons from various woods. Students need to bring a pocket knife and a bent gouge.  2-3 hours.  Age 16+.

Daily.  Cost $5.

Do you have to be mad to try this weave?  Maybe... but it's FUN!  Learn with Bonnie Black.  Normally, weaving has two elements -- warp and weft.  Tri-axil weave has an additional third element.  This is a characteristic of Malaccan weaves, sometimes call "Mad Weave" and tri-axil weave.  This weave was traditionally designed for baskets but we will be using ribbon and fiber to product fabric.  Age 15+.

Wednesday 8-12.  Cost $15.

Bex Oliger will show students how, using the simple, magical, Continuous Strand Weaving Method, where the loom dresses itself while the weaving progresses, to weave shawls, blankets, throw rugs and many other projects may be woven on several different shapes of frame looms.  Allow 12 to 15 hours throughout the week to finish a large project.  Classes start Monday morning, early.  Large loom rental ($20) can be applied toward the purchase of a loom.  Approximately 550 yards of bulky-weight or 1100 yards of worsted-weight yarn is needed for a large shawl with fringe.  400 yards of rug wool is needed for a throw rug, or 800 yards of bulky yarn is need for a  blanket.  Appropriate yarns are available from the instructor.  ($45-$95 for shawl, $60 for rug, $65-$75 for blanket,  No weaving experience need.  Age 12 through adult.

Cost  $25 Fee / $45-$95 yarn.

One hundred years ago or more, creative people adapted an ancient textile art, twining, to make rag rugs. Instructors Kathryn Tucker and Diana Clarke will take you through the steps to twine a small 22”x 24” rug on a frame-type loom. Approx. 8 hours needed to finish. Students must call Kathryn (573) 322-5712 regarding fabric. Bring Scissors.  Age 14+.

Monday 8-12 or 1-4 pm. Bring scissors.  Cost $10.

Ann Anderson will show you how to make a pair of socks on one circular needle, starting at the toe.  We will be making "mini" socks (they should fit an 18-inch doll) to learn the cast on and increases for the toe, short row heel and stretchy bind off of the cuff.  Bring a size US5 40-inch circular needle and locking stitch markers.  Yarn will be provided.

Wednesday 8-12.  Cost $7.50.

Beginning & experienced weavers are welcome in weaving classes taught by Cassia Brown!  Students will learn weaving fundamentals, weave a scarf, place mats, etc. Bring your own loom, or a limited number of looms may be reserved first come, first serve.  ALL weaving students must contact Cassia (573) 674-4242 or email her at to make arrangements for the class and to reserve a loom.  Time needed:  8-20 hours. Cost:  $5 - $30, depending on materials used, plus a $20 loom rental fee.  Age 13+ or by permission.

Daily 8-12.  Cost $25-$50.

Joe and Alice Dudenhoeffer will teach white oak basket making.  The class requires 2 ½ hours during each of 2 days.  Limit one basket per student, please.  Students must pre-register so enough material can be made.  Class size is limited class to 40.  Come & have fun!  Age 13+.

Monday - Thursday.  Cost $25 and up.

Cindy Dooley will assist students in selecting wood to carve a flower, rooster and/or a Santa.  Limited to 6 students daily.  Ages 16+.  Must be experienced with using a knife.  You will need 1½ hours. Daily.  Cost $5.
Students of Tom Johnson will use simple tools to transform a piece of sassafras into a charming wooden whistle.  A leather neck lanyard completes the project.  All tools and materials will be provided.  Class takes 1 hour.

Daily 8-12.  Cost $1.

Woven Bead Neck Piece
Design and weave a neckpiece using a variety of yarn and beads. Students of Bonnie Black will learn how to design on graph paper and then follow the design to finish their art pieces.  It will take two mornings to finish.  Age 15+.

Monday 8-12 and Thursday 8-10.  Cost $20.

Please Note

The class descriptions here are to help you decide how to spend an enjoyable week at the Workshop.  Note the time that it takes for the class, items that students should bring, class goals, day and time of the class, and materials cost.  It’s easy to try to do too much. Some classes take much longer than others.  On Sunday afternoon (check-in day), students will have a chance to meet teachers, see the crafts, and arrange their schedules.   More classes may be added.  Many short, pick-up classes are offered in the afternoons and may include felting, beadwork, and others. We make every effort to offer listed classes, but cannot be responsible for last-minute cancellations by individual instructors.

 Please be advised that many classes use sharp tools, & we are not responsible for accidents. Your registration represents your agreement to hold Christianson Native Craft Workshop harmless for any injuries sustained during the workshop.

Photographs are taken during the week to record and promote workshop activities.  By registering for this workshop, students understand and agree that photographs which include them may be used on the workshop website and/or in the annual workshop slideshow.