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The Christianson Native Craft Workshop, now in its 44th year, offers hands-on folk art, craft experiences, and demonstrations in a family oriented setting. The CNCW has been held annually since being founded in 1975 by Frances Christianson and members of the United Methodist Church. The workshop has given hundreds of persons, young and old, a chance to learn talents in an Ozark forest setting and take home beautifully handcrafted items.

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Join Mike Snyder and Holden Snyder in this cooperage class demonstrating the use of traditional hand tools to craft a white oak log into a handsome bucket. Students will become familiar with the use of a froe, drawknife, plane, and shaving horse in the same manner in which traditional, area craftsmen used them. This is a somewhat labor-intensive and time-consuming class, requiring 3-4 days of work, but the result is very satisfying. Come take part in a project that is one of the original classes at CNCW!  Cost is $25.  Limit of three students.


Free Form Basket Display


With expert instruction from Eric Peterson, Barbara Sakowicz, and John Tankersley, you will create a basket using various materials harvested in nature.  You will have the option to work with Hickory, Cedar, Willow and various Reed materials.   This is a class where you can create unusual, one- of-a-kind, unique baskets.   The first session will be a two hour session to get the student started and then the student will work at their own pace with instructor supervision.   Bring scissors and/or clippers.  Fee for class is based on materials used and the size of finished basket.

Prices typically  range from $30 to $75. 


Don Birdsall will work one-on-one with students interested in learning the fundamentals of blacksmithing.  Students can decide on one of several items to make.  Samples will be available to see.  We will be using propane forges, but a coal forge will be available for people wishing to learn on that.  Students MUST wear cotton jeans and shirts (no frayed clothing) and close-toed shoes (no sandals).  Eye protection must be worn while in the blacksmith area.  Bring safety glasses or use provided safety googles.  Classes 8-12 daily, with possible afternoon time needed for finishing.  Cost $10 per hour, includes materials.


FULL — waiting list only!

Tom Dooley will instruct beginners in completing a ring, bracelet, earrings, or necklace in one, 2-hour session.  Students who have taken this class before will be asked to wait 2 years before registering again.  Tom will work on an individual basis and will accept 18 students, age 16+. Price depends on the project and stone chosen, usually about $25 & up.


With Cindy Dooley, students will carve kitchen utensils such as scoops and spoons from various woods. Students need to bring a pocket knife and a bent gouge.  2-3 hours.  Age 16+.  Cost $5.

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